Generated Income Report


Generated Income


The Generated Income Report shows money received into the office and applied to a service rendered or items sold in the OTC (Over the Counter) area of the CoAction Toolbar.

Payments Removed/Deleted by a Staff Member/Doc or recouped by an Insurance payer are subtracted from the report total.

This report can be ran by Assigned or Treating Provider, which is indicated in Admin > Global Settings.

This Report is often used when a clinic has an Associate Doc and must keep track of money applied to services rendered by that specific Doc. The report is generated by Treating provider in this scenario.


It is very common for the Generated Income Report and the Collections Income Report to be confused.

This Explanation may help to explain the differences.


The Collections Income report shows all money that has come in and out of the office and the Generated income shows all money that has been applied to a charge.

Here is an example:

If you have a patient that has a balance of 300.00 and they just gave you a payment of 500.00, which resulted in a credit of 200.00 showing on their ledger. The Collections Income report will reflect the 500.00 payment received. The Generated Income report will only show the 300.00 that was applied to outstanding charges.

As the credits are eaten up by new services, the money will appear on the Generated Income Report.



To Generate the Report

Go to Reports

Generated Income

Select Filters:

You will select the appropriate clinic from the dropdown.

CoAction defaults to generate income for all users but, you can select a specific user. (You can select more then one user by holding down the CTRL button)

Select Date filter. Range of Days, Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year.

Then select whether you would like to run the Full Details or Summary Report




Sample Full Details Report


The full details report will show filters at the top of the list.

It will break down totals based on Assigned/Treating Provider. If you are running by Assigned Provider and the patient does not have an Assigned Provider selected in their patient file, those patients will fall under an Unassigned category.

You will see the Patients name, case description, Date of service, CPT Code/Description, Action (type of payment), Date received, and amount applied toward the charge.




Sample Summary Report


The Summary Report will show filters provided at the top.

You will see the provider/user name, Patient payments, Insurance payments and Total Payments

Removed/Deleted Payments, Recoupments from insurance and Negative income totals.

At the Far Right, you will see the Adjusted income totals.

(Payment Total-Negative Income total= Adjusted Income Total)


Under the Removed/Deleted payments column, there can be a number of reasons why money is showing removed such as:

  • A Patient Payment was initially applied to a charge, a write off was then applied to remove some or all of the responsibility which took part or all of the patients payment away.
  • If money came into an account and was applied to charges but, then an outgoing credit transfer was initiated so money was pulled from a charge to send it to another case
  • Money was applied and then removed due to a change in responsibility to the charge (Patient to insurance)
  • Deleted payments
  • Refunds

Basically any reason why money would be applied to a charge and removed for any reason is tracked. 

To Download/Print a Report

All reports will display a tool bar at the top of the page when generated.

You will be able to Print and Export the document. You will see the Red Circle is highlighting the Print button and the Red Arrow is pointing to the Export options. X=Excel, A=Adobe and W=Word. 


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