Visit Alerts


Visit Alerts

The Visit Alert area in Admin, allows you to create and house Visit Alert Tracker Templates.

You do not have to create a template. You can also create Visit Trackers in the patient case directly but, we suggest you create a template if you are going to be using it more than once as it saves time when applying to the patient.

This is a notification alert to remind the Front Desk Staff/Provider of specific care or information the patient needs when checking in for that visit.

The Pop-up notification takes place when patient checks in for their appointment, when the visit is initiated by the Doc and when the patient comes up to the front desk to check out.

The pop up does not occur when the patient is being moved from arrived/waiting to checked in/being treated. The reason for this is because you must select the room the patient is being moved to and confirm the provider they are seeing.



How to create a Visit Alert Template


Under Admin

Visit Alert



Select ADD

Enter in ALL info:

  1. Name of Visit Tracker
  2. Number of appointments you are wanting to track
  3. Click on each appointment number and add in the information that the front desk or doc needs notification about.
  4. Select Save when finished


The Visit Alert created will now be added to the list of available templates to apply to a patient’s case.

 It will Display all information associated with each visit number

Select Close to Exit


Please keep in mind:

You are unable to delete a template created. However, you can inactivate a template by selecting the specific template to highlight and select the “Inactivate” button. This will stop a template from being used in future cases but, not affect any patient that is currently using that template within their case.


To Tie a Visit Tracker to a Patients Case

You can tie a visit tacker to a patient’s case 2 different ways:

1st option: Go to the patients file, Appointment tab, select Visit Tracker button

2nd option: While in a patient’s appointment, Select Visit Tracker


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.

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