Global Settings


Global Settings

The Global Settings area of Admin houses settings for CoAction.

It houses settings for Soap Notes, Patient Statements, Practice Diagnosis, ICD defaults on HCFAs and Reports such as the Day Sheet, Collections Income and Generated Income Report.


Under Admin

Global Settings


You will see several options laid out all over the screen. We will go through every area and what they are used for

Let’s take a closer look


Soap Notes:

This setting allows you to state that ALL users in CoAction may edit Soap notes added into a patient’s appointment or Only the Original author (provider) May Edit notes.

If only the original author is allowed, a provider username and password will have to be entered before the notes can be changed.


Online Scheduling Settings: (Coming Soon!)

The online scheduling settings will always default to “Do Not use online Scheduling” If you would like to start using online scheduling, you will need to have this box unchecked.

You can show Insurance fields when New Patients, to your office, are scheduling to be seen for the first time.

If you are a cash practice and do not accept insurance, you will not want this box checked.



When a payment receipt is provided to the patient, you can have their next scheduled appointment printed on the receipt.

You can use a providers “Display As” name from Admin> Providers on the appointment book column when scheduling for that provider.

Lastly, you can select to have ICD9 or 10s defaulted when generating HCFAs. (Because ICD 9s are no longer usable unless billing for dates before Oct 1st, 2015) ICD10 on HCFA should be checked


ZingIt settings: (coming soon!)

This feature is for our Local Server Clients only.

CoAction will have this area defaulted to say, “Do not automatically export Zingit.csv file”. If you would like to take advantage of our integration with ZingIt, you would contact ZingIt, sign up and uncheck this box so, ZingIt can receive the file needed.

Files are generated and sent to ZingIt between 3-4pm local time.

Export time is displayed here. If you schedule an appointment after the export time, those appointment reminders will need to be initiated through the work station ZingIt provides and sent out.

Lead Codes:

This area works with the Practice Diagnosis feature.

Lead Codes are Exam Codes. When an Exam is applied to a patient appointment, it moves the patient from the Prospect status to the Lead status.

New Patient Codes:


These codes also work with the Practice Diagnosis Feature.

New Patient codes are Adjustment codes. When an Adjustment code is entered in 2 consecutive appointments for the patient, it will change the patient status from Lead to New Patient in CoAction.


This is where you can tell the financial reports what provider you would like them to run by.

The Collections Income Report can be ran by Assigned or Designated Provider and Action or Date of Service Date.

  • Action- Reflects Posted Date selected when entering payment.

     (can be backdated)

  • Date of Service- Action When payment was entered in CA.


For example:

If you receive EOB payments late on Friday and do not want to enter the payments in until Monday Morning.  You would select Friday when posting the EOB as that is when you received the payment. The Action date would be Friday’s date but, the date of service date would be Monday’s date.


The Generated Income Report can be ran by Assigned or Treating Provider.

The Day Sheet Report can be ran by Assigned or Designated Provider.



Matching certain reports:

For the Collections Income Report to match the Day Sheet Report, both reports must be set to the same provider in Admin> Global settings. (Assigned or Designated) and Action must be selected for the Collections Income Report.


For the Collections Report to match the Practice Diagnosis Total Collections area, the Collections Income Report must be set to Designated Provider and Date of Service Date must be selected.



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