Email Settings


Email Settings

If you would like to utilize the Appointment Reminder Feature, you must tell CoAction what third party the reminders are going to be sent through.

You can choose:

  • Gmail - Free **Gmail is no longer an option. Due to the security updates Google has made, the parameters needed are no longer options to be selected. Area only remains for clinics that had this setup before June, 2020.
  • SendGrid -Paid service but, has free option for less than 100 reminders a day. Sendgrid has a dashboard that enables searching of Patient email addresses/phone numbers
  • Mandrill- Paid service and requires a MailChimp Account. Mandrill has a dashboard that enables searching of Patient email addresses/phone numbers

Amazon AWS is no longer an option. Area only remains for clinics that signed on with this service when feature originally came out.


Within this feature, you will see two tabs.

Email Settings tab to add in the third-party info


And the Message Queue Tab

This tab displays all the reminders that CoAction has Queued in the last 24 hrs and sent to the Third-Party of your choosing.


If your reminders are not being sent out after they have been set up:


Make sure your settings are correct. A lot of our clients use Gmail. If you change your Gmail password and do not update it in CoAction, your reminders will stop going out until corrected.

If you turned on 2 step verification in your gmail account, that will stop your reminders from going out. 

Also, if you are using Mandrill/ SendGrid and change your password but, forget to update in CoAction, your reminders will stop sending.

If these options are not helpful, please contact support for further assistance.


Now we will continue to how to set up the different options:

We always recommend a clinic reviews all options before they decide on a specific Appointment Reminders service.



Setting Up An Email & Text Account - SendGrid


The company is called SendGrid.

  • There is a FREE TRIAL option
  • Click on this link below to set up your account with SendGrid
  • Keep a copy of your SendGrid username and password
  • Easy to Use - No Domain Setup Needed
  • Use SMTP integration when setting up
  • You will need your SendGrid username and password to set up in VitaLogics Email Settings

Use this link:





Setting up your Account:


  • Once you have completed creating your SendGrid acct, you will need to do a few more steps to tell SendGrid how you will be sending your email/texts


Adding info into CoAction:

Under Admin


Email Settings

  • You will need your SendGrid username and password to set up in CoAction Email Settings
  • In the Email Settings tab go to the bottom section and select “Use this Provider's SMTP settings to send email"
  • Fill in the following:
    • SMTP Server Address:
    • Port: 587
    • Use SSL: check
    • My ISP requires authentication: check
    • Username: enter the SendGrid username
    • Password: enter the SendGrid password
    • DO NOT TEST at this time


  • Now go back to the SendGrid site to continue

Do Not Select Verify Integration Just yet. Go back to CoAction

  • Click on Test Server Settings (you will see image below pop up)
  • Fill in the email you will use to send reminders
  • test recipient with your personal email so you can see if you receive the test
  • Add TEST in the subject
  • Add TEST in the body of the message
  • click SEND

If the test goes through go Back to SendGrid site to select Verify Integration

If it does not go through they will contact CoAction Support. Its very possible they did not complete the setup properly and we will walk them through it.

  • If all is working you will see this screen below
  • If not, they will contact CoAction Support

Here is the Sendgrid Support website IF you need any additional info from Sendgrid:



Setting Up an Email & Text Account – Mandrill


Mandrill is a user friendly, scale-able email infrastructure service that provides the analytic tools to track your communications. You will need to check with Mandrill for any pricing.

Effective 3/16/16 new Mandrill clients will need to create a MailChimp account to run Mandrill. 

If you don't have a paid monthly MailChimp account and decide to create one, you can go to

To set up an account with Mandrill, please follow the steps below.

  • Go to and click on “Sign Up for Mandrill”.

  • Create an account by adding a Username, Password, click on the “I agree to the Mandrill Terms of Use” and select “Get Started.

  • The next screen will request some data about your business. You can just bypass this by clicking “No Thanks”.

  • On the next screen click “Get SMTP Credentials”.


  • Next step will ask you to verify the password you used to set up your account.


  • This will have created your SMTP Credentials which will be displayed on the top of the screen.


  • Next step is to create an API key. Just click on +Add API Key.



Your API key will be generated, and your screen will now look like this:

(PLEASE KEEP A COPY OF THE SMTP & API CREDENTIALS as you may need to refer to them when you contact Mandrill or CoAction Support)

  • Now that you have all the information you will need, its time to enter the info into CoAction:


Under Admin


Email Settings


Fill in the following (see image below):

Click on “Use my Internet Provider’s SMTP settings to send email

Enter “” in the SMTP Server Address field

Add the Port# given to you from Mandrill

Place a check in the “Use SSL” box

Place a check in the “My ISP requires authentication” boxes

Add the username that you used to set up your Mandrill account

Add the API Key provided by Mandrill to the Password field

Click “Test Server Settings” 

Complete the Server Setting Test by:

  • Enter ANY sender email address
  • Enter a Recipient address that you will be able to verify if the email was received
  • Make sure you add a subject (test)
  • Include something in the Text box like "This is a Test"
  • Hit Send.

HINT: When using Mandrill, the patient will be able to reply to the reminders they receive, and it will be sent to the email address you set up your account with.

  • Once sent, you can verify you received the email by checking your inbox.

You can also check the status through Mandrill by hovering over the “Outbound” option on the tab across the top of the screen and selecting “Activity”. You will see the status of the email there.


Not only will you see the status of the email, but you can view the content of the email or resend it right from the Mandrill interface.

*Please Note - CoAction does not support the Mandrill App so clients need to contact Mandrill by clicking on their support option on their site if you want to:

  • learn more about the full functionality of Mandrill
  • get assistance when using their application



Setting Up An Email & Text Account – Gmail


The instructions below will help you to set up using Gmail.

Under Admin

Email Settings


Under Email Settings Tab

  • Select "Use this Provider's SMTP settings to send email"
  • SMTP Server Address:
  • Port: 587
  • Use SSL: check this box
  • My ISP requires authentication: check this box
  • Username: (enter your GMAIL email that you want to send to patients) ex:
  • Password: (enter your GMAIL password

Click on "Test Server Settings"

  • Fill in your sender email address, an email you will be able to see if you receive the test, Test in subject and Test in message box & SEND

If you received your test email - you are all set!


If you receive an error message like image below, the problem is either because you have not turned on less secure apps or 2 step verification is turned on 

see below for instructions on each:


  • Customer will need to close ALL Gmail that may be open (mail, calendar, drive, anything using the Gmail password)
  • There are 2 URL’s that you can use to allow the password to work
  • Go to a browser tab and try whichever of these works
  • You will need to TURN ON less secure apps

OR use this URL

  • Close and open CoAction and try to send another Test
  • IF Still get error after Turned On less secure apps - Reboot computer and try again

If it still does not work, it is probably due to 2 step verification.

The client cannot have 2 step verification running on the email address. If they insist on keeping it on this Gmail email account, they will have to create another email address that is just used for reminders or they will have to use another third-party option.


If you are still having an issue:


  • Ask client to change the Gmail password to a stronger password from his Gmail account then have them enter new stronger password in CoAction Email Settings - Test

If still doesn’t work……….

  • Have the client change the Gmail Password to a Temporary password and support will set up the Gmail from a support location/computer
  • Advise support what time we can work on this and which Citrix license and password can we use during that time
  • Support will follow all steps above using the Temp password and use the Temp Password

If email settings set up was successful, contact customer to test it and to change the Temp Password to a Permanent Password


Training Video Reference

Please keep in mind, this is an old training video and may not provide a full explanation but, is provided for a visual walk through.


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