How to Restart Services on Server Computer


Reasons you would need to restart services on a SERVER computer.

  • Programming states we are not receiving a backup from a client
  • None of the computers in the office are able to connect to CA (including the server)
  • Reminders stopped sending for local server clients



Make sure you log any user out of CoAction on the server computer before following the steps provided.

1. Go to start menu

2. Type Services into windows search box (Windows 8 and 10)

3. Select Local Services or Services Desktop App (whichever you see)

4. Select Services (if the list is not already on screen)

* If the client has a windows 7 Pc; you have to go to the start menu, Right Click Computer, Manage, Services

5. Scroll all the way down to SQL Server (COACTION)

6. Double click to open service

7. Make sure "Automatic" is selected in drop-down. If not: change it in drop-down

8. Click on the Recovery tab at the top. Make sure that "Restart the service" is selected in all 3 drop-downs and 20 Minutes is entered.

9. If any changes were made, select "Apply" to lock in settings and then select OK.
10. While service is still highlighted in the list, select "Restart" that looks like a blue hyperlink at the top Left and wait until finished.

Every now and again, the service may be stopped completely so, instead of selecting Restart, you will have to select Start.

8. Move up the list to CoActionSyncronizer

9. Follow Steps 6 through 10 for this Service as well.****For Step 7 choose "Automatic (delayed start)" instead of "Automatic".****

10. Go to CoActionMonitor

11. Follow Steps 6 through 10 for this Service as well.****For Step 7 choose "Automatic (delayed start)" instead of "Automatic".****


If Backups are not being received:

Please respond to support that these steps have been followed


If your reminders stopped sending:

Once those steps are completed, you can close the Services window and log into CoAction on the Server computer. Go to Admin, Email Settings, Select Message Queue to make sure reminders have been Queued and then change status to Sent. This can take 5 to 10 minutes for status to change.

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