October Update 2018


Updates to VitaLogics have started!!


In this update, you will see the following...


Whats New:

1. Zingit has now been integrated with VitaLogics for our SERVER clients. Click Here to learn more!

2. Clinics now have the ability to display charges on a CMS-1500 form based on how they are entered into the patient's appointment. Originally charges would display based on the CPT code amount from highest to lowest. You can find this new filter under Billing > Create HCFA.


3. Clinics now have the ability to add the Patients DOB and Provider to the documents created in VitaLogics. 




This info will appear as a watermark at the bottom of each page generated.



Changes to the system:

1. CoAction is preparing for online scheduling! With that, when you are in the Patient's file> Appointments tab> Select New, you will now have to select a specific provider from the drop-down provided to schedule that patient.

You no longer have the ability to schedule by looking at All within the drop-down and a designated/assigned provider will not automatically display.

* If you happen to notice that ROV's are not displaying for a provider, please go to Admin > Provider > Select the provider > ROV tab and make sure all necessary Reasons Of Visit's are selected.



Fixes to the Appointment Dashboard:

1. Future scheduled appointments are now displaying the correct appointment date.

2. Arrived times will no longer disappear when the patient is moved from Scheduled to arrived and waiting.

3. Reasons of Visits will no longer turn Gray when a patient appointment is checked in.

4. Also, a couple errors that were reported when scheduling patients have also been fixed.


*Additional Announcement for Cloud Clients*

Citrix has launched a new update

The Citrix Receiver has now been changed to the Citrix Workspace App.

Support has been testing this update for several days and have not witnessed any issues on either the Amazon or Azure platform. 

If your computer has not yet updated and you would like to run the current version, you can either right click the citrix icon in the computer toolbar and select Check for Updates 


Click Here to go straight to the citrix website and select the download for your specific computer.


Amazon Clients:

When you are asked to enter your account, please ignore and select Finished. Then you will log into VL the same way you did before.


Azure Clients:

When you are prompted to enter an account, enter

When you are asked to enter your username, make sure you enter the info in this format


and the password is your license password.


If your clinic has any questions or needs assistance with any of the info/steps provided, please contact support by accessing your support portal icon in your VitaLogics Toolbar.



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