What are CNAME records?


What are CNAME records?

The CNAME record creates an alias for and points to The CNAME is needed for SendGrids click and open tracking features in order for those statistics to be routed back to your SendGrid account. This will also be what your messages are signed by, so your recipients will be able to see what you have chosen for your CNAME. You set up the CNAME files that SendGrid provides with your DNS host.


Why use CNAME records?

CNAME records are an important part of domain authentication! CNAME records allow a DNS to validate your whitelabels on SendGrid, completing the domain whitelabeling process. Domain authentication is integral to ensuring that your emails reach their intended recipients. Learn more about domain authentications here.

What do I have to do?  

In order to register CNAME records with your DNS provider, simply add CNAME records on your DNS provider’s dashboard. This process varies depending on your DNS host. For videos on how to add your CNAME to some popular DNS service providers, check out these videos. These videos are specific to SendGrid, GoDaddy, and Hover. If you don't have access to modify your companies DNS records, you can also email a request to a co-worker. To do this, select the “Send to a Coworker” tab under install DNS records. This email includes a direct link to the CNAME records. This link does expire. The recipient doesn't need login access to your SendGrid account.

How does this affect VitaLogics?

VitaLogics does not require anything specific in regards to CNAME records. VitaLogics uses your SendGrid credentials to send emails. Registering the SendGrid CNAME records with your DNS provider only affects the reliability of the emails sent by SendGrid through VitaLogics.


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