Average Visit Time


Average Visit Time


The Average Visit Time Report calculates how long it takes the Provider to see a patient with a certain Reason of Visit.


If you have multiple Clinics or Providers in your CoAction Database, you can run this report per clinic and per provider.


This report starts tracking time the moment the Provider initiates the appointment until it's completed.


This report can be extremely helpful if patients continue to back up in the clinic.


For Example:

You may have your Adjustment Reason of Visit set to 15 minutes but, you notice that your report states it's taking the doc, on average, 20 minutes to do an adjustment. You can go to Admin, Reason of Visit, Edit Adjustment and change time to 20 min to block off more time on the schedule.


To Run the Report


Under Reports


Average Visit Time


Select Filters:

  • Clinic: CoAction defaults to All Clinics but, you can select a specific clinic to generate data for.
  • Treating Providers: CoAction Defaults to All Providers but, you can select a specific Provider from the list.
  • Date range: Range of days, Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year.


If you would like a shorter report, you have 2 two filters available.


   Filter Visits with less than seconds: __

Filter Visits greater than hours: ____


CoAction defaults to Less than 30 seconds and Greater than 10 hours. This means that anything less than 30 seconds will not display and anything higher than 10 hrs will not display.


When your report generates, you will see the Reasons of Visits on the Left and the Average time displayed on the right.

Time is displayed in Minutes.


After all Filters are in place, select the Calculate button



Please keep in mind, this report can only be viewed and not printed.


Sample Report

This report shows that the average time it takes for an Adjustment at Mitchell Family Chiropractic is 35.7 minutes.

Currently, the Length of time for an Adjustment under Admin> Reason of Visit is 30 min.

Not too Shabby!!




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