Appointment Dashboard VS. Provider Dashboard


Differences between the Appointment and Provider Dashboard

The Appointment Dashboard is designed for the front desk to easily track the flow of patients in the office. 

The Provider Dashboard is designed for the provider to easily see the patients that have arrived, who is waiting, who is currently being treated and in which room. The provider can open an appointment multiple times and save changes, but cannot check out patients. Once the patient is checked out from the Appointment Dashboard by the front desk, the patient will be removed from the Provider Dashboard. The Provider Dashboard also has the ability to search Flagged appointments that were scheduled with a certain provider, in a date range.

Flags can be placed on appointments to indicate certain data is missing. To see information on how to use the Flags in an appointment, click HERE.


- How patient flow works within Appointment Dashboard and Provider Dashboard -

  • As the front desk checks in patients and the appointments are moved from Scheduled to Arrived/Waiting, and Checked In/Being Treated, the system reflects those changes in real-time on the Provider's Dashboard.


-Example in Appointment Dashboard:


-Example of same appointment in Provider Dashboard:




  • The appointment can be moved to 'Arrived/Waiting' and then to 'Being Treated' by both the Appointment and Provider's Dashboard.
  • Once the patient is in the Being Treated column, the appointment will remain black until the provider opens the appointment to put in notes and charges, then it will turn blue on both of the Dashboards.
  • In the Provider Dashboard, the appointment can be opened as many times as necessary to edit charges and notes. As the provider has the option to either Save or take Payment.

-Example of Provider Dashboard:



  • After the provider clicks Save or takes Payment, the appointment will then turn blue in the Appointment Dashboard to notify the front desk that the provider has closed out of the appointment and they can now check out the patient.

-Example of appointment in Appointment Dashboard after the provider Saves:



  • When the front desk double clicks the appointment to open it, they then have the option to click Check Out or to take Payment

-Example of Appointment Dashboard when checking out a patient:




  • After the patient is checked out, they will disappear from the 'Being Treated' column in the Provider's Dashboard, and then it will show up under the 'Completed' column in the Appointment Dashboard. 



- Search Flagged Appointments Feature - 

  • This area of the Provider's Dashboard allows the provider to search for appointments that they have added a flag to. To see more on appointment flags click HERE.
  • To search, go to the bottom right of the screen and please choose:
         1.) Clinic
         2.) Provider
         3.) Date Range
         4.) Click Search button

 -Example of flagged appointment search within Provider Dashboard:





- CoAction Support Information -

 If you have any questions or need assistance with this process please contact CoAction Support by:

Live chat: Click the 'Support Portal' button in your main toolbar (on left-hand side) within CoAction, click the green 'Support' box in bottom right of screen.***This has the fastest response time***

Phone: 858-800-2367




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