How to Process a payment with Fortis


How to Process a Payment with Fortis


 Step 1:

Go to the Patients file>Ledger Tab>Payments tab and Select "POST" Button 


While in the Patients appointment select "Payment Button"


Step 2:

Check to see if the patients last four of their Credit Card info is saved within the

"Past Payment Methods" drop-down. If so, Skip to step 6.

If not, Select Green Plus Sign to Launch Fortis



Step 3:

After the Fortis window launches, Scroll down and Select Add Account Vault


Step 4:

Click on the Credit Card number area, Swipe Patients credit card on terminal that is linked with Fortis to auto fill in data or manually enter the Credit Card and Expiration date info required.

Once Completed, Hit SAVE.



Step 5:

Once you can see that the Account Vault has been added and the message

"Account Vault Saved Successfully"

CLOSE the FORTIS WINDOW by selecting the X at the top right of the screen. 


(Do not process payment within the Fortis portal. Anything done within the Fortis window WILL NOT be seen by CoAction)

Step 6. 

Enter in the payment amount within CoAction 

Select Credit payment option 

Select Credit Card from the "past payment method" drop-down

Select Post Payment at the bottom.



 If you need further clarification or would like some additional instructions, you will need to contact support

  • Email-
  • Phone- 858-800-2367
  • Live Chat- Access the support portal button within software and selecting chat now at the bottom right corner.


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