How to Create Campaigns in Katana


Here, you can create Campaigns, Bulk Emails and/or Texts you would like to send to your Leads/Patients within your Katana Database.

You are able to specify which filters are selected for each email, text campaign you would like to send to your Leads and Patients.  

You will also be able to create master campaigns, sending out an initial Email/Text, followed by additional triggered Emails or Texts, when they are selected to do so.

If you would like to test your campaign before sending to ALL Leads/Patients, we suggest you go to Katana ​→​ Admin ​→Referral Source and create a "Test" Referral Source that can be tied to your personal Katana patient file or the "Test Patient" file you have within your database. 


Ability to send Email and Text- Performed by Support

Before you can send Text and Email campaigns, your domain must be verified and a phone number capable of receiving texts has to be provided to support.

Once you have provided that information to support and your domain has been verified, support will set up a time to input the required information needed to send campaigns.

This set up takes place within Katana Admin Mass Email Settings and Mass Text Settings. These areas are password protected to secure data and is not to be accessed by the clinic.


You will also be provided with a Text number. This text number is where your Text reminders and campaigns are coming from so, you can notify your patients.

If you are a multi-doc facility and need each doctor individually set up so, they can generate their own individual campaigns, please make support aware so they can set up the additional providers as well. 

If a clinic changes their domain after the original set up has taken place, your email campaigns will stop sending until your new domain can be verified and new settings are entered in.



Creating an Initial or Master Email/Text Campaigns


To Access your campaign interface, you will go to Admin ​→​ Campaigns



This is an image of the screen display you will be looking at before you get started.


Step 1: Creating Your Initial Campaign

To create your first email/Text Campaign, you will start by selecting the ADD button, to the bottom left.


Step 2: No Master Campaign

You will now select “No Master Campaign” to create a stand alone campaign or your First campaign in your Text/Email master series. 


Step 3: Campaign Name

Enter your Campaign Name and indicate if your campaign will be an Email or Text.


Please keep in mind, the default configuration will display when selecting Via Email or Via Text but, if you have more then one email provided and configured by support, you will select the proper Email/Text info you are using to send the campaign through. IE: specific doc info if you are a muti doc clinic. 

Step 4: Patient Filters

You can select a multitude of filters, so the system can send the Email or Text to the correct people you are wanting to market to.

Patient Filters include:

  • A Persons Status within Katana
  • State
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Gender
  • Employment Status
  • Occupation
  • Employer
  • Marital status
  • Referral Source tied to the Patient/Lead (either manually added into Katana or automatically added when a web funnel is created)
  • Initial Condition
  • Age
  • Birth month

To access ALL filter options, select ADD to open the window.

For My Example, I would like my email to be sent to All Active, Female patients.

To do this, you would select Person Status from the Filter Type drop-down → select the option to include → and choose Active from the list. ( If you selected “Do not include” It would exclude active patients)

Once you are finished making your choices, you select ADD to the right to lock in the option.

If you are wanting to test your campaign, make sure you select Referral Source as the "Filter type" within the drop-down and select "Include" as the status.

No other filters would need to be selected until you are ready to send to Leads/Patients.


Once you select ADD, you will now see the filter you selected, in the box provided below.


If you made a mistake, you can always click on the filter created and hit Delete to the right.

To add additional filter options, you will select the drop-down located next to Filter Type again and go to the next option in the list.

In my example, I also wanted my Email to go to Female patients only. So, I would go to Filter Type → Select Gender → Indicate I would like to add a gender → select Female from the list and hit ADD.

Now that I am done with my filters, I will now select SAVE.


Once you have chosen all your Patient filters, you will see them displayed.

 If an error was made, you can select a filter and press the DELETE button to remove.


Step 5: Visit Filters

Visit filters refer to patient visits ONLY. Each Visit Filter option allows you to select a numerical Value of 0-100.

Please keep in mind: If you include Visit Filters to your Email/Text Campaign and a Patient no longer falls under that filter, they will be excluded from the campaign when it is selected to run again.



Step 6: How long can the campaign run

You can indicate a Start and Stop date for when this campaign is active. If no date is entered, it will follow the filter guidelines set forth within the creation of the campaign.


Start and stop dates are helpful for holiday messages, out of the office messages, promotions etc. This ensures that a campaign will not run before or after the time frame allowed. 

You are unable to specify a time with the date.

Step 7: How often patients receive this message

You will indicate if a patient only receives this Email/Text Once or that the email will be received once every __ Weeks, Month or Years.


This is extremely helpful if you would like a Mass Email to go out to all patient every 6 Months to update patient demographic info or insurance info.

Step 8: Campaign Message

If you are creating a Campaign Email, you will need to enter in your subject and create your message. If you are creating a Text Message, the subject line will be grayed out.

If you would like to make your message look personal, you can select the “Patient First” box at the bottom of the screen. This will add the data field {PatientName} where your cursor was located, so the system can fill in the location with the name of the patient.

The "Patient Name" data field area can also be applied to your subject line as well. If it is not adding to the subject line, add it to the body of your message, copy and paste it in.


Please keep in mind to make sure subject as clear as possible and prevent using words like Free or Win to prevent your campaigns from being listed as spam. If you are wondering if your email may be triggered as spam, you can always test your email by using to get your spam score :)



You can add images such as your clinic logo to appear as letterhead within an email campaign. Click on the Image_Icon.png icon, find the image on your pc, select and select Open to apply the image to your campaign.

To add an image to a text, you will need to create a link to the image as images cannot be added to the body of the text message.



If you would like to use hyperlinks within your email campaigns, you will need to follow these steps:


1. Highlight the word you would like your hyperlink attached to




2. Select the hyperlink Icon Link_Icon.png


3. Find your web link.

In my example I am using  

4. Choose the appropriate URL location from the drop-down location and then paste everything after in the box provided to the right.

This step is very important. If your URL location is https:// but, you select http://, your patients will receive a message stating that the site you are trying to reach cannot be located. 


5. Verify the link is correct and select OK.



When the hyperlink is attached, the word selected will appear in blue and in hyperlink form.




Step 9: "Is Live"

This step is crucial! When you are pleased with your campaign design, you MUST select "Is Live" for your campaign to run.

If you are just putting your campaigns together at this time and are not ready to send, that is totally fine. You will not select "Is Live" at this moment but, must edit the campaign and select "Is Live" when you are ready for them to start triggering.

Please keep in mind:

If you are sending a Mass Email Blast to everyone in the clinic and only want it to run for a specific amount of time you MUST use the send between dates in Step 6 so the campaign will stop or you will be required to edit your campaign and uncheck the "IS LIVE" box to stop the campaign because the system WILL continue to comb through the software and if it finds a patient that DID NOT receive the campaign it WILL go to them.

This situation would apply when notifying patients you will be out for the holidays or a similar situation.

Step 10: SAVE

Once you have selected all necessary information, filters and made sure no changes need to be made, you will now select the SAVE button to the bottom left of the screen.


Now your Campaign is ready to be used and added to the list of available campaigns


Only master campaigns will be displayed here. If there are any subsequent campaigns, to see them you would click on the + sign to the left of the campaign. 



Creating Triggered Campaigns

This feature will allow you to create campaigns that are triggered by a “Parent Campaign”. Once the “Parent Campaign” has been sent off via Email or Text, each additional campaign created will be sent by your software X amount of days after the Parent campaign.

This is extremely helpful when you would like to send follow up information after an event or if you have information you would like a New patient to receive. IE: Day 1 after New Patient Exam = Thank you for taking the first step email; Day 3: How to adjust your life style for a healthier spine and so on.

Lets get started.


Step 1: Creating a Triggered Campaign

You will start by selecting the ADD button, to the bottom left.


Step 2: Selecting Master of Subsequent Campaign

Choose the option to "Select Master of Subsequent Campaign”, click on the Master campaign, this campaign follows after and hit SAVE.


Step 3: Campaign Setup

You will now Name the new campaign. Select ALL necessary filters for this campaign.


You will indicate how the campaign will be ran via Email/Text and Create your Message body.

 You will notice that all the same filter options are present along with an additional filter option “Wait x days after master text/email sent to send” has been added.  This allows you the ability to indicate when this campaign should go out. 

Please keep in mind, the Master is the campaign you selected to create this campaign. If you chose a campaign in the series as the master, make sure you do the math to indicate when this campaign should be sent out in reference to the start of the sequence. 

You can choose to "send it immediately after" the Master campaign or "Days" after. 

In my example I want it to go out 1 day after my Ladies' Night Invitation Letter.


Once you are happy with your new campaign, you will select "Is Live" and SAVE.

If you would like to see the explanation of all steps again, please refer to section, Creating an Initial Email/Text Campaigns Steps 3-9.

Your new campaign will be added to the list.

 Step 4: Verifying your campaign has been attached

Under the campaigns section to the far left, you will see your Master campaign with a   + sign to the left. If you click on the + sign, the section will open to show the subsequent campaigns attached.




Once your campaign has been created, you are ready to send them out!


Sending a Campaign

Step 1: Selecting the Campaign to Run

Campaigns that are selected as "IS LIVE" will send out automatically once your database finds patients that fall within the filters you have selected for that specific campaign.

Such as "With X completed appointments" the system will queue that campaign for that patient once their visit has been completed.

Please keep in mind that the campaign may not be triggered instantly as the database does a behind the scenes comb through every 4 hrs and dependent on when the last one was done, will depend on when the next comb through will take place. 



If you are not wanting the system to trigger when a campaign will send out, you can forgo entering information into the "Send Between Dates:" or "How often patients receive this message" areas and use the "Send Now" button to run the campaign immediately. 

This feature is great if you have Lead/Patients attending an event and you want to send them information the day of the event or you are testing a campaign before you are making it Live.


Step 2: Confirming Campaign before Sending if "Send Now" was selected

 This will only appear if you select the "Send Now" button. When this window appears, you will see every patient that fell within the Filter criteria. Each patient name will have a box with a check inside.


If you happen to see a patient this campaign should NOT be sent to, simply un-check the box to the left of the patients name and select SEND NOW to send your campaign.

 Once your campaign has been sent, you will receive a pop up that indicates when the campaign will send. Select Ok and close out campaign screen.


Verifying Campaign has been Sent

 Step 1: Email Settings

To verify, you will Go to Admin → Email settings


Step 2: Message Queue

You will click on the Message Queue Tab to see all campaigns queued or Sent.

If a Campaign shows the Queued status, it will change to Sent once the software has sent out the Campaign.

Emails and Text Campaigns will display in this queue.


 Once received, your patients will have the ability to respond back via email or text, dependent on how the campaign was received by simply hitting reply. Those messages will be received in your email box of the email and text response number provided during set up.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Creating a Referral Source within Admin>Referral Source and tying that Referral Source to the patients file, info tab can aid in a number of situations where certain patients need to be excluded from campaigns or need to be set apart from others to be marketed to differently.


If you need further clarification, would like some additional instructions on how to create your campaigns or your campaign feature is not working properly, please contact support at:

  • Email-
  • Phone- 858-800-2367
  • Live Chat- Access the support portal button within software and selecting chat now at the bottom right corner.
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