On-Site Server vs. Cloud platform

Here are some basic points:

  • Main difference for cloud vs On-Site server is where your database is being housed. Cloud is maintained on a Citrix platform and On-Site Server allows your database to be accessed from a dedicated server computer within the clinic.
  • Moving from Cloud to Server, Main cost difference would be your standard monthly fee plus your Cloud or Server cost. Cloud access costs $90.00 more then Server access. 
  • If you are a legacy server client who purchased the software outright but, are interested in moving to cloud, you would have to pay 289.00 a month plus your current monthly fees and are limited to running the software on 5pc's at a time. 


  • If you need more than the original 5 licenses for Cloud access, each additional user will cost $20 more per month. With Server you can have the software downloaded on all pc's in the office at no additional charge and have as many users as your clinic needs.
  • If you have self check in stations, cloud access requires that each station will count as an individual user(license). 


       Cloud Pros:

  • Can access the software anywhere you have internet. 
  • Can run Mac, iPad, Android devices including most smart phones.
  • Can take your mobile devices to screening/offsite activities.
  • Highest peripheral interfaces via Citrix engine.
  • Less firewall interruptions.
  • Integrated Heartland Credit Card Merchant.
Cloud Cons:
  • Must have high speed internet including the upload speed (normally cost more): Min 2 Mbps Download and Min 2 Mbps Upload speed.
  • Database may not be available to access if Citrix is experiencing issues or goes down until the issue has been resolved. 
  • If internet is not available, you are unable to access your database.
  • Lag speed (approximately 0.5 seconds slower per transaction).
  • Extra steps to log on (must authenticate the user to cloud prior to launching CoAction).
  • Viewing patient files, billing, reports, creating documents and importing/exporting is different. You will have to download the files by walking through steps to access your local C: Drive, select user logged into the pc and selecting the location on your computer you would like to save to every time you would like to see or export data from your database. 
Server Pros:
  • Unlimited users for the database.
  • Unlimited software downloads to the number of pc's in your office.
  • If internet is unavailable, Server computer can still be accessed for clinic functions.
  • Server clients can use a signature pad and swiper for self check in.
  • Server clients do not see interruptions unless network is having issues within the clinic.
  • Server clients receive new features/updates faster then cloud clients.
  • Server integrated with Fortis and Heartland Merchants.
  • Can work off site by downloading remote service like Teamviewer on pc in the office and log in on pc at home.
  • Ease of use with viewing, saving and uploading files as you have a direct connection to the pc.
Server Cons:
  • Unable to work on mac's without Parallels installed and Windows installed on Parallels.
  • Software cannot be downloaded on ipads. (would need remote service to access another computer in the office).

 If you need further information or would like to transfer to a different platform, you will need to contact support

  • Email-
  • Phone- 858-800-2367
  • Live Chat- Access the support portal button within software and selecting chat now at the bottom right corner.


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