Understanding Katana Patient Flow

Katana monitors patient status behind the scenes. The system will do a comb through every few hours to make sure the patient properly changes to the correct status.

This action is for marketing purposes to ensure the correct Leads/Patients are sent the correct campaigns.

In this article we will explain the different status triggers and how to override the status if you do not want a Lead/Patient to follow the internal flow. 


Patient flow:

Lead- Any person being added to your Katana DB but, has not been seen in the office for any reason.

(Leads can be manually entered  into the database or come from your external Kfunnels created.)

New Patient- Any Lead that has completed ONE appointment in the clinic.

Active- Any New Patient that has had TWO additional completed appointments. This means a Patient has to have at least THREE completed appointments to be considered active.

Inactive- A patient that has not been seen in the office in at least 365 days.


Additional Status Options and Status Override

There are some additional Status options such as Deceased, Consult, Dormant or Terminated that are available to use within the Patients file but, are not being triggered by Katana.

To use one of the additional status options or override the patient status flow, you must:

  • Go to the patients file
  • Select Edit within the Patient info tab
  • Select proper status from the drop-down


  • Check box that states "Do Not Have System Update Status Automatically"



Please keep in mind: Once that box is checked, Katana will NO LONGER change the patients' status. It will be up to the clinic to change that patients status if the situation changes.

In addition, overriding a patient status has to be done patient by patient. There is not a way to override the whole system at one time.


- Katana Support Information -

 If you have any questions or need assistance with this process please contact Katana Support by:

Live chat: Click the 'Support Portal' button in your main toolbar (on left-hand side) within Katana, click the green 'Support' box in bottom right of screen.***This has the fastest response time***

Phone: 858-800-2367




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