Patient Recall Report (K)


The Patient Recall Report will allow the clinic to run a report to see how long its been since the patients' last completed appointment.


To run the Patient Recall Report go to:

  • Reports


  • Patient Recall Report


  • Select correct filter

  Filters include:

  • Clinic (if there is more then one running out of your database)
  • Provider (to see patients for a specific provider)
  • All (Ignore when last completed appointment was) This will provide a list of ALL patients seen in the office and display how long its been since they were in the office.

Or you can break your report down by selecting:

"Last completed appointment was" 

  • 0-30 days ago
  • 31-60 days ago
  • 61-90 days ago
  • 91-120 days ago
  • 121-180 days ago
  • 181-365 days ago
  • More then 365 days ago


  • Select Next to Run

Once generated, you will see the patients name, case info, H/W/C numbers, address and  number of days since last completed appointment. Patient_Recall_Report_example.png


- Katana Support Information -

 If you have any questions or need assistance with this process please contact Katana Support by:

Live chat: Click the 'Support Portal' button in your main toolbar (on left-hand side) within Katana, click the green 'Support' box in bottom right of screen.***This has the fastest response time***

Phone: 858-800-2367


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