Interested in Moving to Fortis as your Integrated Merchant?

Interested in Moving to Fortis as your Integrated Merchant?


Fortis is now integrated with Coaction as our designated merchant. 


New Fortis Signup:

To check out Fortis, visit their website:

To get started please contact: 

Rick Danuloff
(305) 807-7727 




Fortis prefers to be contacted directly for any inquiries on costs/fees, as they offer different pricing programs.

"FortisPay's knowledgeable sales team can help secure the best rates for you and offers different pricing programs to best suit your practice. For a free rates comparison, send a recent merchant statement to 


Card Swipers

To check out equipment you can purchase that can be used with Fortis:

*Note: More than one swiper can be used with Fortis


How fast payments are batched?

Funds are in their account the next business day for any transactions that are run prior to 9:30 PM Eastern time



  • No Contract Fees
  • No Sign up fee
  • No Cancellation fees
  • Intuitively designed to make taking payments in your office seamless, secure and simple with access to quick online training videos.
  • User-friendly cloud-based software reducing time invested in training your team and virtually eliminates the ability to make mistakes.
    Integrated with VitaLogics/CoAction providing you with many innovative features and the ability to collect and auto-post ALL payments; and view reports from any computer, laptop or mobile device!
  • Competitive Rates, No Hidden Fees!
  • 100% Secure and Compliant!
    Optimize time and freedom for you and your staff to focus on caring for your patients.
  • Increase collections and automate processes with the best credit card processing solution.
  • Stop chasing payments and reduce declines!
  • No risk trial. Keep your existing processor while you test drive Fortis!
  • Personalized, concierge-level White Glove Customer Service - providing LIVE expert support representatives to help you every step of the way.
  • All you need to get started is a $17 USB swiper which can be purchased from Amazon! For additional equipment options, just ask!



Setup for New Fortis users:

Once you're an established Fortis client, please contact support to schedule a time to turn on your Fortis Services. 

Support will need the following information provided to you by Fortis:

  • Location ID: 
  • User ID: 
  • User API Key: 

Before your scheduled date, you will need to make sure all payments previously ran with your outside merchant are posted to your CoAction Software. Once integration is turned on, all payments made by Credit Card will run through Fortis.


For Current Fortis Client's ONLY

We will need to hop onto your computer and grab the following Excel Report: Patient ID’s.

Note: If you are able to follow these steps and provide this Excel Report, Great! 

Send it to: 


In CoAction

Patient Rolodex>Far Left Icon(piece of paper)>



Select Internal ID and Select>Right click and scroll to find Internal ID header



Right click the column header and select “Export to Excel” 

Do not Select Export to CSV at the bottom right as it will not include the Internal ID needed by Fortis.



Once Saved, send the .xlsx file to Support so we can forward it to Fortis. This will allow patients within your database to be linked to their Credit Cards used as a past payment method.

Once Fortis has received this Excel File, they will convert all data and provide confirmation to us along with info required to perform the setup. This data includes::

  • Location ID: 
  • User ID: 
  • User API Key: 

(this is normally a 2-3 day turnaround but, due to the Covid crisis taking place, the process can be delayed a little longer.)

Once we have this information, you will receive an email from us to get scheduled which will enable us to enter in the provided information and turn Fortis On!


Fortis Support Help




- CoAction Support Information -

 If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact CoAction Support by:

Live chat: Click the 'Support Portal' button in your main toolbar (on left-hand side) within CoAction, click the green 'Support' box in bottom right of screen. Hours of operation are M-F 8am-6pm CST.

***This has the fastest response time***

Phone: 858-800-2367 

Please leave a detailed message if you get voicemail





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