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Calendar Sync will let a provider sync the provider’s patient appointments with their Google Calendar.  This will allow a provider to access their patient schedule from a computer at home or a smartphone device (i.e. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.).  You must have a Google email and password to set up this feature.  

Email addresses can only be synced to one provider. If other Staff Members/Doc's are needing to see a provider’s schedule, you will need to share your Google calendar with that other Staff Member/Doc's in the office within Google.

Due to HIPPA compliance, the patient's name will not appear on your Gmail calendar. Only the Reason of visit and amount of time set for that appointment will show. 




 First you will go to Admin > Providers > Select the Provider's Name > Edit Button > Calendar Sync Tab


click the box “Create Token”



Your default web browser will open, asking you to select an account. If your account is not listed, select use another Account.2.png


After you select your account or enter your Email and password, you will receive a notice letting you know that VitaLogics wants to access your Google Account. Select Allow




Once you select Allow, the screen will go white. Now go back to VitaLogics. Google Verification Set will now display YES

Click the box “Publish this providers appointment to his/her Google Calendar”


Select Save



 You are all set! Please note that after completing these steps, your calendar will begin to show scheduled appointments from this point forward, it will not show appointments that are already on your schedule as those were made before setting up this feature.




CoAction Support Information:

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Live Chat Support can be accessed by clicking the Support button on your main toolbar (on the left) of CoAction

Business Hours - Mon-Friday 8am-6pm CST

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