How to process a Refund/Void with Fortis

To process a Refund:

Refunds can take anywhere from 24-72 hrs for the patient to see the credit.

Click on a past payment made and ran through Fortis then select Refund.


Fortis will refund the full amount of the payment. There is not a way to designate how much of the payment should be refunded with Fortis.


If you are doing a partial refund:

For CoAction to reflect correctly, you would need to refund the full payment amount and recharge the correct payment amount.


Partial refunds can be done in Fortis Virtual Terminal but, to make CoAction reflect the correct refund amount, you will need to press the refund button without selecting a past payment, enter the refund amount and choose Cash or Check then enter a note indicating that the partial refund was done by CC in Fortis Terminal. 


Cash and Check refunds can be done for any denomination without selecting a past payment made. If the patient does not have any cash payments to select, you will enter in a .01 charge to the account, select and refund the appropriate amount and add the .01 charge to the refund amount.




To Void a Payment:

Voids can only happen within the first 24 hrs of a mistake. If the mistake is not caught right away, you will need to process a refund. 

Select the past payment taken through Fortis to highlight and select Void.



 If you need further clarification or would like some additional instructions, you will need to contact support

  • Email-
  • Phone- 858-800-2367
  • Live Chat- Access the support portal button within software and selecting chat now at the bottom right corner.


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